Good Luck Rooster Flower – 24cm


The Legend of the Old Cock of Barcelos, Portugal

Once a certain man was condemned in Barcelos, a small town in the North of Portugal, to be hanged for a crime which he had not committed.

In vain did he swear his innocence but found no alibi to prove the truth of his affirmations.

Under a sudden faith of impulse, he appealed to Our Lady and his patron Saint, St. James, for devine protection, imploring them to release him from the unjust sentence he was going to serve.

He then asked to be allowed to go to the presence of the Judge. Since this was to be his last wish, the Judge received him in his dining room where he was having a meal.

Once again, the man under sentence of death swore his innocence and as a sudden defiance to Providence, he declared that the roasted cock which lay on a tray on the Judge’s table would stand up and crow if his statements were really true.

And indeed, the rooster immediately stood up and jumped out from the tray and started crowing vigorously.

The Judge then with much public acclaim and ceremony made him a free man.

This legend has passed from generation to generation through the centuries and the well known and typic cock of Barcelos has become a symbol of faith, justice and good luck.

The hand painted Rooster will add a lovely splash of colour to your kitchen & also makes an ideal housewarming gift!

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