L’Erbolario Rhubarb Perfume


L’Erbolario Rhubarb Perfume – 50ml

A simple yet magnificent plant, Rhubarb reveals its dual nature at first glance, with its contrasting colours: from the deep green of its broad leaves to the brighter green of its streaked stems, which then turn to a purplish red. With invigorating freshness and a Woody Aromatic Fragrance, the double soul of bittersweet Rhubarb blends with the notes of this unisex perfume. A combination of contrasting sensations have been gathered and added to the Rhubarb perfume, pungent and bittersweet just like the air you breathe when walking at dawn, in a lush vegetable garden filled with plants and crisp herbs.

100% Made in Italy.  100% Plant Based.  Dermatologically Tested.


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